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Midea R32 Non Inverter Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

Midea R32 Non Inverter Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

Midea R32 Non Inverter Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

A "Non-Inverter Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner" refers to a type of air conditioning system that combines a ceiling cassette design with a non-inverter compressor technology.

Ceiling Cassette
A ceiling cassette is a type of air conditioning unit that is mounted into the ceiling of a room. It features a grille or panel on the ceiling that distributes cooled or heated air evenly throughout the space. Ceiling cassettes are known for their discreet and unobtrusive appearance, as they are recessed into the ceiling.

Non-Inverter Technology
A non-inverter air conditioner operates using a traditional compressor that turns on and off to regulate the temperature. When the desired temperature is reached, the compressor shuts off completely. When the temperature rises again, the compressor turns on at full capacity until the desired temperature is achieved once more. This can lead to more frequent starts and stops, consuming more energy compared to inverter systems.


- Fresh Air
- Sleep mode
- LED Display
- Wide-angle air flow
- Quiet design
- Auto Restart Function
- Wired Controller (Optional)
- Gold Fin Condenser


- Independent Vane Control

Customized Airflow

You can direct the air exactly where it's needed, avoiding areas where direct airflow might be uncomfortable.

Optimized Cooling/Heating
Different parts of a room might have varying cooling or heating needs. With independent vane control, you can tailor the airflow to meet those needs more effectively.

- Built-in Drain Pump

Condensate Removal

When warm, humid air is cooled by the air conditioning system, moisture in the air condenses into water droplets. This water needs to be collected and drained away to prevent problems. In some installations, gravity alone might not be sufficient to remove the condensate effectively.

Pump Mechanism
A built-in drain pump is a small pump integrated into the air conditioning system. It is designed to automatically pump out the collected condensate to an appropriate drainage location, even if that location is higher than the unit itself. The pump is activated when the water reaches a certain level in the condensate tray.

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